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Juris Corp

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Be the Preferred Law Firm for our clients and take that relationship forward by becoming more than a legal advisor: Being their business advisors.


Founded in 2000, Juris Corp is a law firm which aims to provide unbiased and unmatched legal services in our areas of practice. Juris Corp provides a full range of legal services to a wide ranging client base including domestic and foreign banks, financial institutions, venture capital and private equity funds, Public sector undertakings’, global companies, entrepreneurs, industry associations and trade groups etc. The Firm has been involved in a wide spectrum of transactions covering acquisition of Indian companies effected through global/international acquisitions, buy-out of joint venture partners, acquisitions financing etc. The Firm has also emerged as one of the leading law firms in India in the area of international commercial arbitrations involving huge monetary disputes and complex legal issues.


  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Bengaluru


Fun Facts

  1. Juris Corp was established in 2000
  2. The Firm believes in a multi-disciplinary approach and has in its amidst a Chartered Financial Analyst, and a few Company Secretary(ies) in addition to each of them being attorneys.
  3. Juris Corp contributed towards Project Light A bulb with a mission to light up 350 lives and 85 homes in the village in interiors of Maharashtra, where 25 families have lights in their house directly due to this contribution.

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